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The Japan Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association (CEMA) was established in 1990 with the aim of contributing to Japan's economic growth and the improvement of people's lives through the sound development of the construction equipment industry. This year marks the 29th year of its establishment.

In this period, the construction equipment market has changed dynamically around the world, including Japan. Not only construction equipment manufacturers, but also many parts suppliers have expanded production capacities to overseas and thus globalized operations. In tandem with the globalization of its member companies, CEMA has also globally expanded the arena of its activities, including the promotion of active exchanges with its counterparts around the world. In addition to responding to social needs, such as environmental protection, energy conservation and safety, in order to realize the sustainable growth of society, CEMA has proactively engaged in new technological innovations, ICT-intensive construction and i-Construction initiatives.

Under its founding philosophy of "contributing to the world through harmony and progress" and "coexistence and competition", we at CEMA will continue to make priority efforts on the following tasks: 1) contributing to recovery efforts in the regions devastated by the Great East Japan Earthquake, the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquakes and other natural disasters, 2) responding to social needs, such as environmental protection and energy conservation, 3) supporting globalization of our member companies, and 4) adopting i-Construction and other new technological developments.

We will strive to improve the business environment and issues commonly faced by our member companies, as we work to seek advice and cooperation from the concerned administrative agencies. We will also manage CEMA, as we respond to social changes.

In collaboration with each and every member company, CEMA is committed to contributing to the further growth of our industry and the development of a sustainable society."

Tetsuji Ohashi
(President and CEO, Komatsu Ltd.)

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