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Message from Chairman

Message from Chairman

Japan Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association (CEMA) celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2020. It was established in 1990 with the aims to promote the sound development of the construction equipment industry and to contribute to the development of Japan's economy and improvement of the lives of its people.

In those 30 years, drastic changes have happened - not only in the environment but also in all of the markets, manufacturing and products, changes that are revolving around the application of new technologies and tightened environmental and safety regulations.

In addition to the rapidly changing times, we even witnessed a chaotic era looming large in the last few years with the unprecedented impact of a virus. Still, CEMA has promoted, in tandem with its members, activities to solve new challenges from global perspectives and realize a sustainable society.

Specifically, CEMA will be focusing on the following four priority measures, under its founding philosophy of "Contributing to society through harmonization and development" and "symbiosis and competition":
(1)Contribution to recovery from major earthquakes, torrential rains, and other natural disasters, including the Great East Japan Earthquake
(2)Measures for the environment and energy-saving
(3)Support for the member companies in their global expansion
(4)Responses to new technologies such as i-Construction

CEMA is resolved to further contribute to the development of the construction equipment industry and to realize a sustainable society, under continuous guidance from and cooperation with the relevant authorities. We will administer the organization in such a way as to enhance the value of its activities to achieve those goals.

Hiroto Honda, Chairman
Representative Executive Officer of Caterpillar Japan LLC