About CEMA




The Japanese construction equipment industry grew rapidly in the process of the country's high economic growth after the war, driven by increasing vigorous demand both at home and overseas. With the industry growing into one of the country's major sectors, Japan became the world's largest producer of construction equipment.

The industry's rapid growth also created a need for proper handling of mounting issues both in and outside Japan, as well as for improvement of the industry's status. With these aims, The Japan Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association (CEMA) , an incorporated association, was established in 1990 and split from The Japan Society of Industrial Machinery Manufacturers, an incorporated association. The CEMA then changed its corporate status to a general incorporated association in 2011.

Having "Contributing to society through harmonization and development" as its philosophy, the CEMA now counts 62 full members and 57 supporting members (mostly construction equipment component manufacturers and companies in industries associated with construction equipment). The total sales revenue of the member companies now accounts for 97 per cent of those of the entire construction industry.

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